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SMK 8x30

Traditional binoculars which have stood the test of time. Although classic in style they incorporate the very latest optical features to ensure accurate focusing, precise definition and unsurpassed clarity.


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RRP £29.95

SMK 8x40

As per 8x30 but slightly better light gathering properties for use in poor light conditions – very much favoured by bird watchers. fast focus.


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RRP £34.95

SMK 10x50

The perfect all round glasses for use by racegoers, yachtsmen and for general purposes. Huge magnification and large field of view plus excellent light gathering properties. Fast focus.


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RRP £37.95

SMK 20x60

Ideal for long distance observation of nature subjects, the world at large or the traffic above. High magnification through quality optics produces crystal clear high definition images of stationary objects, birds, people, buildings, ships, landscapes etc, as you've never seen them before.


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RRP £114.95